Thought Field Therapy (TFT)


Thought Field Therapy (TFT), is a pioneering treatment used to provide emotional relief through non-invasive, quick and safe methods. Millions of people have now experienced the therapeutic effects of TFT. It is particularly appealing as it is a drug-free treatment that clears any blockages in the body through a process called tapping.


TFT involves tapping various energy meridians (similar to those used in acupuncture) of the body in order to help dispel negative energy. After treatment people can still remember the thought that upset them, but no longer feel the associated negative emotion.

Dr Callahan, founder of TFT showed how all individuals tune in to their own specific thought field. This thought field contains energy that represents both positive and negative emotional experiences. Using TFT, by tapping on the correct meridian points in the right order it is possible to deactivate the root causes of negative emotions, dispelling any feelings of agitation, anger or fear.

During treatment the client is asked to hold the thought of their problem clearly in their mind. As they do so I talk to them through the process of tapping certain meridian points on their face, hands and upper body. This activates the relevant thought field and helps to eliminate the root of the problem, one tap at a time.

TFT treatment usually takes effect within a few minutes. TFT works on even the most sceptical people, as the treatment is not affected by the receptiveness of the individual.

There are also physiological indicators of change when a TFT session is successful. These can include:

  • Breathing rate reduces
  • Facial expression becomes more relaxed
  • Body posture relaxes and becomes more open
  • Pulse rate and blood pressure reduce if significantly high.

Occasionally, the first treatment appears not to work as predicted. This often indicates that Psychological Reversal (PR) is present. PR was recognised by Dr. Callahan as a block to treatment – the individual’s subconscious wish is to keep the problem rather than be free of it, a reversal of what might be expected! A simple approach, taking no more than a few seconds, can completely eliminate PR and allow the predicted resolution to take place.

It is a very natural way of healing and is completely painless allowing the individual to take control of stressful situations and emotional states. TFT does not involve extensive talking over of problems so may also appeal to people who feel anxious about discussing their personal life with a therapist. There are also no reported adverse side effects of TFT, so no need to worry on that front.

TFT is suitable for both adults and children. It is considered a particularly helpful treatment for children who are anxious about more conventional therapies, as they tend to enjoy the tapping and therefore relax more. For the therapy to work best, children need to be old enough to understand and carry out simple instructions, although younger children can benefit if helped by a parent or carer.

Our TFT treatment costs £50.


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