Publications-by-Ilkay Zihni Chirali

Ilkay’s wide-ranging studies have brought him expertise in acupuncture, Chinese Herbal Medicine, clinical hypnotherapy, the Lusher Personality Test, paediatric acupuncture and western medicine pathology. He has studied further in Nanjing, China, at the College of Traditional Chinese Medicine and First Affiliated Hospital in the Internal Medicine, Dermatology and Gynaecology departments.


He has been organizing regular cupping workshops both in the UK and overseas since 1988 and a BBC TV programme where he appeared as an “Expert”. To date, he has given over 60 public lectures and a BBC World Service Radio talk on the subject of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Cupping Therapy.

Below are some of his books available on Amazon.

Traditional Chinese Medicine Cupping Therapy: A Practical Guide

1e 1st Edition
Published on:1999, 2000, 2001, 2003 (twice), 2004, 2005 (twice), 2006, 2007
ISBN 0 443 06038 X

This book provides a clear and comprehensive guide to the techniques of cupping in the context of Traditioanl Chinese Medicine theory.

Details are given for:

  • onifying and Sedating techniques in cupping, for the first time in English
  • Practical guidelines for application in the treatment of various common conditions
  • Differences in practice with adults and with children
  • Key aspects of safety and patient expectation
  • The history of cupping therapy
  • Herbal prescriptions included in the treatment sections.

Supported by detailed illustrations, this book gives all TCM and manual therapy practitioners immediate access to valuable skill for their everyday practice.

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Traditional Chinese Medicine Cupping Therapy, 2e

2nd edition
Published by Churchill Livingstone (Elsevier sciences) 2007, 2008, 2010 (twice), 2011 (twice), 2012
ISBN: 9780443102660

 This edition explores and describes techniques of cupping in the context of   Traditional Chienese Medicine theory. A DVD containing videoclips showing the 11   methods of cupping therapy plus a picture gallery of 150 full-colour images complements the text.


  • Cupping therapy is axplained clearly, allowing the practitioner immediate eccess to another skill for everyday application
  • Includes new scientific reserch on cupping therapy and the effect on the immune system, as well as new material on myofascial pain, meridian/channel cupping, stress management, and cupping therapy and sports medicine
  • Well illustrated to support the guidelines discussed in the text
  • Colour-plate section containing 63 photographs
  • Covers questions of safety, procedures, expectations and actions
  • Looks at 11 different methods of cupping, and examines differences between practice with children and adults
  • Gives practical and complete guidelines on the use of cupping in helping to treat more than 30 common conditions.

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Traditional Chinese Medicine Cupping Therapy, 3e

3rd Edition
Published by Churchill Livingstone-Elsevier sciences
ebook: 978-0-7020-5834-9

Cupping Therapy 3rd edition provides a clear and detailed set of practical gidelines for the application of techniques of Cupping in the context of Traditional Chinese Medicine Theory.

Richly illustrated throughout, the latest edition includes new chapters on

  • Evidence-Based Research, Cupping’s Folk Heritage, Cupping in Buddhist Medicine, Cupping in Thailand’s Traditional Lanna Medicine and Cosmetic Cupping Therapy techniques.
  • Text clarified and updated throughout, with an improved layout and design
  • Gives practical guidelines on the use of cupping in helping to treat more than 30 common conditions
  • New section addressing Frequently Asked Questions
  • Now with an associated website containing a selection of “how to” videos and fully downloadable image bank

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Cupping Therapy for Bodyworkers: A Practical Manual

August 21, 2018

Cupping therapy is a Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) technique that has been used for thousands of years as a highly effective treatment for a variety of conditions, including skin conditions and musculoskeletal complaints. Many bodyworkers are very interested in learning about how to use Cupping Therapy within their own specialties, and this book is for them.

Drawing on 40 years of expertise, Ilkay Chirali provides a wealth of information on cupping for those without TCM knowledge, covering safety information, equipment and the different variations of cupping and their best uses. Beautifully illustrated with over 120 full-colour photos, it empowers physiotherapists, massage therapists, sports medicine professionals and beauty therapists to add cupping therapy to their toolbox of techniques.

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